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Give Your Immune System a Boost With IV Therapy

How to boost your immune system

If you find yourself dragging more and more these days, even though you’re getting decent sleep, eating well, and fitting some exercise in, you may need to find a new way to get the energy you need.


You want this energy, though, in a way that’s natural and good for your body. No Red Bull or energy shots, just all-natural methods.


Thankfully, there’s an answer. An intravenous (IV) infusion might be exactly what you need to gain the energy you need for today. Just one IV infusion treatment delivers vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fluids directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your gastrointestinal tract entirely. This type of IV therapy may be able to give your body the boost it’s been craving, even if you didn’t realize it.


At Regenerative Medical Group in Orange, California, we offer a wide variety of IV infusion therapy to get the nutrients and energy you need.


Read on to learn more about this exciting treatment option.


Wellness from a needle

When you come in for an IV therapy treatment, a thin needle is inserted into your arm. The tube at the end of the needle connects to your infusion pack, which is just an IV bag filled with a blend of nutrients that has been customized for you. After the needle is in, you can sit back and relax for 25-40 minutes while the energizing fluids flow directly into your bloodstream.


Not only does the fluid keep you hydrated, the nutrients it delivers are vital for your cells as well. Nutrient IV therapy gives you a wide range of micronutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that your body needs.


An optimal IV protocol for you 

Depending on your physical needs, we have several different IV mixtures we have custom-designed to produce different outcomes. We have IV fusions that fight stress, counteract jet lag, and enhance focus. There are a combination of nutrients that promote a healthy heart, brain, liver, nails, skin, and hair. 

If you’re an athlete prepping for a big game, we can also give you a pre-athletic IV therapy designed to help you excel during intense physical activity.


Natural is best

All of our infusions are made with natural nutrients with no toxins or otherwise dangerous substances. This approach provides the best benefits for our patients, many of whom tell us they’re immediately energized and have an increased sense of well-being as soon as their treatment is finished.


Our physicians would review your past medical history for any pre-existing health conditions, then appropriate IV therapy is recommended 



Once your IV infusion therapy session is complete, you can go return to your daily activities. You won’t need any downtime or recovery — in fact, you’ll probably be ready and raring to go.


Our IV therapy at Regenerative Medical Group will help you feel greater energy, clarity, and focus in your daily life. To set up a consultation, call our office or use the convenient online scheduler to set up your appointment today.

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