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IV Infusion Therapy

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If you’re feeling run down or out of sorts or you have a chronic health problem, IV infusion therapy could restore your body by giving it the fluids and nutrients it needs. Bryn J. Henderson DO, JD. FACPE, CIME, and the team at Regenerative Medical Group in Orange, California, have their own blends of intravenous infusions prepared by the in-house pharmacists. There are IV infusions available to address a wide variety of health problems, so call Regenerative Medical Group today to find out more or book an appointment online.

IV Infusion Therapy Q & A

What is IV infusion therapy?

IV infusion therapy is a method of delivering essential fluids and micronutrients directly into your bloodstream.

Intravenous infusion from Regenerative Medical Group provides far more than just fluids for dehydration, though.  It supports and helps address many common health conditions, from something straightforward like a cold to something more serious like liver, kidney, and autoimmune diseases.

The Regenerative Medical Group team provides an alternative to the hospital emergency room for patients who need hydration, vitamins, nutrition, and medications intravenously.

What is in an IV infusion therapy?

IV infusion therapy can contain any combination of fluids and nutrients tailored to your requirements. 

Most IV infusion therapies at Regenerative Medical Group use the Happy and Healthy or H&H brand that the team developed. H&H is a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutritional ingredients.

The Regenerative Medical Group team uses H&H as the base for their blends and then customizes it with other beneficial additives to suit your particular needs.

Among the IV infusions they offer are those for:

  • Cancer support
  • Detox
  • Gut health
  • Immune boost
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Kidney support
  • Lung health

You can also benefit from a DIND (drug-induced nutrition deficiency) IV that helps to correct deficiencies that might arise because of a medication you’re taking.

What are the benefits of IV infusion therapy?

Every IV infusion therapy at Regenerative Medical Group contains a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, and health-giving ingredients to provide you with everything your body needs.

IV infusion therapy is more effective than taking oral vitamin and mineral supplements. The reason for this is that anything you swallow has to pass through your digestive system. Some of the goodness in your food or the supplements you take passes through your gut without being absorbed.

The amount of nutrition that passes through varies between people, but no one’s body is 100% efficient at getting nutrients out of their food and supplements. With IV infusion therapy, everything goes straight into your bloodstream so nothing is wasted.

IV infusion therapy is also a better way of rehydrating your body than trying to drink large quantities of water all at once.

Find out more about how you can benefit from IV infusion therapy by calling Regenerative Medical Group today or book an appointment online.