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Medicare Annual Wellness

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Medicare Annual Wellness Visit is an annual meeting with your primary care provider (PCP) to get your healthcare team on the same page with your preventive healthcare, and to make adjustments to your preventive plan as needed. At Regenerative Medical Group, located in Orange, California, and serving all of Orange County, the experienced team emphasizes whole-body wellness, which starts with Medicare Annual Wellness to monitor your health and help you take steps to maximize your long-term wellness using a natural approach. Book your appointment online or call the office in your area to arrange a Medical Annual wellness.

Medicare Annual Wellness Q & A

What is Medicare Annual Wellness?

The Medicare Annual Wellness is an annual appointment with your care provider to develop a prevention and screening plan based on your age, gender, and medical conditions.

The purpose of this visit is to give you the opportunity to discuss your current health status with your physician, to help assess any potential health risks and ways to prevent them through screening and early intervention.

Your insurance will cover this visit and you don't have to pay out of your pocket.

What happens during this visit?

The Annual Wellness Visit includes:

  • Reviewing your past medical and family history
  • Assessing health risk factors and the presence of any medical conditions
  • Blood pressure, height, weight and BMI
  • Discussing preventative care and lifestyle changes
  • Reviewing current medications
  • Screening for conditions related to cognitive impairments, depression and functional status
  • Personalized health, diet and exercise recommendations, as well as referrals for additional screenings if required

Why is Medicare Annual Wellness necessary?

According to the CDC, around half of all adults suffer from at least one chronic illness that could have been avoided. Medicare Annual Wellness ensures that the patient has the opportunity to discuss his/her health with their care provider and take preventive measures to remain on a right track to optimal health.

A personalized plan can help

  • Identify risk factors
  • In early detection of chronic disease
  • Make lifestyles changes to optimize your health 
  • reduce overall medical costs

How is Medicare Annual Wellness different from Annual Wellness?


Medicare Annual Wellness


Annual Physical

Holistic health risk assessment


General physical assessment

one on one detailed discussion


Brief discussion 10 -20 mins

Assessments plus additional screenings if necessary


Routine measurement

Height weight, BMI

Personalized preventive plan


No personalized prevention plan

Covered by Medicare


Covered by private payer

Telehealth platforms


In-person only

Risk identification and prevention 


Identify physical issues

Am I eligible for Medicare Annual Wellness?

Any Medicare beneficiary who:

  • has been a beneficiary of Medicare Part B for at least 12 months, and
  • has not had a preventive physical examination in the last 12 months

How Much Does the Annual Wellness Visit Cost?  

Your Annual Wellness Visit will be covered by Medicare in full, so there will be no cost to you. Some screening services and follow-up visits may include some out of pocket

What kind of preventative health assessments are done during the visit?

During the visit, the Physician will assess you for health problems that usually affect older adults. Assessing and addressing these issues will help you reduce your risk and improve your quality of life. Your care provider may conduct a screening for:

  • Cognition Screening
  • Depression screening
  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • IADLs
  • Mobility and functional ability issues
  • Vision issues

Post Visit Follow-Up

With all the information gathered during the visit, your physician will update your preventive health plan, screening schedule, or preventative measures procedures checklist. They may also recommend important health education or counseling programs, such as weight loss, fall prevention, tobacco cessation, or physical activity.

What Gets Revised Every Year?

Whilst following wellness visits may not be as thorough as the first, your doctor will still examine important health indicators such as weight, blood pressure, and cognitive function, and will update your information and health plan as needed. You should bring your

  • medical and family history,
  • immunization records,
  • a list of your current medications to each Annual Wellness Visit