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Peptide Therapy & Injections

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Peptide therapy is a regenerative treatment to help your body recover, increase energy and strength, promote hair growth, and more. if you want to increase your body's recovery rate, Bryn J. Henderson DO, JD. FACPE, CIME, at Regenerative Medical Group, with locations in Orange, California, and serving all of Orange County, can help. If you’re considering peptide therapy, call or book your appointment online today.

Peptide Therapy Q & A

What are Peptides?

Peptides are naturally occurring biological molecules. They can be found in all living things and play an important role in a variety of biological processes. Peptides, including proteins, are made naturally from the transcription of a DNA sequence. Our bodies produce peptides, which are amino acid strings that serve as the "building blocks" of proteins. 

Proteins are biopolymers of amino acids that are linked together by peptide bonds.

Proteins and peptides can be distinguished by the presence of a number of amino acids. Proteins have 50 amino acids or sometimes even more, while peptides have fewer than 50 amino acids. Proteins have a molecular weight greater than 10,000, while peptides have a molecular weight of less than 10,000.

Proteins and peptides are critical components of biological cells, and their absence causes disorders such as diabetes mellitus, which is caused by a lack of the protein insulin. Many naturally occurring proteins and peptides have been discovered over the years, many of them play important roles in human physiology. All naturally occurring ones are not directly suitable for therapeutic use, because they have intrinsic weakness, poor chemical and physical stability, and short plasma half-life.

Peptides have a wide range of functions, here are some important peptides to know about:

Brain Health Peptides


  • Improves learning memory

  • Improves cognitive function

  • Improves mental alertness

  • Helps to relieve from concussion episodes

  • Helps to regenerate neuroplasticity to repair damaged neurons

  • Improves better sleep

  • Helps to control cortisol responsible for stress and anxiety

Brain health peptide can help people suffering from:

  • Stroke

  • Traumatic brain Injuries

  • Dementia 

  • Mood disorders

  • Memory disorders

  • Vascular dementia

  • Parkinson's Disease

  • Anxiety

  • Brain fog

  • Concussion

Muscle Regeneration Peptides

Benefits may include:

  • Spinal muscular atrophies

  • Carnitine deficiency

  • Hyperthyroid myopathy

  • Myasthenia gravis

  • Sclerosis

  • Sports/athletic injury

  • Soft tissue repair

  • Tendon/ligament/muscle repair

  • Chemical Burns

Muscle regeneration peptide can help people suffering from:

  • Sarcopenia

  • Damaged tissues

  • Injuries

  • Inflammation

Weight Loss Peptides


  • Faster recovery time from workouts

  • Reduced body fat

  • Increased energy and stamina

  • Increased muscle mass and endurance

Insomnia Peptides


  • Increases sleep duration 

  • Shorten time taken to fall asleep 

  • Increase the amount of melatonin

  • Helps maintenance of sleep-wake cycles

  • Promotes deep sleep

Pain Peptides


  • Suppresses chronic inflammation 

  • Helps manage neuropathic pain

  • Promotes the growth of new blood vessels.

  • Decreases pain in damaged areas

  • Reduces muscle soreness

  • Helps heal nerve tissues

Anti-aging Peptides


  • Lengthen telomeres

  • Decrease cell death

  • Reduces lipid oxidation

  • Increases immunity

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines

  • Reduces dark spots & wrinkles

Anxiety Peptides


  • normalizes the function of the brain

  • reducing protein deficiencies

  • restoring protein synthesis

  • no sedating effects

Immunity Peptides


  • Hepatitis B & C


  • Cancer – non-small cell lung (NSCLC), hepatocellular, malignant melanoma

  • Chronic inflammatory conditions; autoimmunity

  • Cystic fibrosis

  • Lyme disease

  • Depressed response to vaccinations; adjunct to the flu vaccine

  • Geriatric immune support

Most healthy adults who are concerned about their overall health and well-being can benefit from peptide therapy. Since it promotes complex cellular processes, this treatment method can be used to safely and effectively resolve a broad variety of issues for a wide range of individuals.

How Fast Can I See Results?

You'll notice a difference in a matter of weeks when you start taking peptides. Some therapies, on the other hand, may take 3-6 months to fully realise their benefits. Peptide therapy is a form of supportive treatment that can aid your progress with certain issues. It's possible that you won't notice a difference right away because certain peptides take a few weeks or months to start producing measurable results.

What do peptides do in your body?

Since the structure of peptides is close to that of other hormones and messaging compounds throughout the body, they can interact with and activate several receptors in the body, affecting a wide range of bodily processes.

Depending on their sequence and composition, certain peptides can help prevent blood clots, improve the immune system, protect cells from damage, and lower cholesterol, inflammation, and blood pressure.

What is peptide therapy like?

Peptide therapy typically entails injecting peptides into the body, this delivery method can help the peptide to reach the bloodstream quicker and avoid being broken down by other bodily systems. On the other hand, some peptides are available as oral capsules, topical lotions or creams, and even a nasal spray. Most people who want more consistent outcomes choose peptide therapy in the form of injections, which can be given on a fixed schedule at your preferred RMG clinic.

At RMG, we offer customized programs based on the needs and individual health conditions of each patient. Peptide therapy can help enhance brain function, muscle tissue regeneration, weight loss, insomnia and anxiety management, pain, reduce signs of aging, and immune function. It's drug-free & safe to use, poses a minimum risk since peptides are essentially amino acids found in the body.